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Our charity helps those adapting to change after childbirth or ostomy surgery.

Chameleon Buddies promotes social inclusion among people living with a stoma or childbirth injury, both in the UK and in Kenya. The Charity is a passionate advocate for providing hope for people struggling to live with lifechanging injuries’ following childbirth, and aims to help women, and their families, adapt to these changes.

Chameleon Buddies support those in Kenya

Chameleon Buddies was established in 2022 by founder Gill Castle, who has a permanent stoma following childbirth complications in 2011. Gill met Dr Debbie Matityahu, founder of the American not for profit, Beyond Fistula, in 2021, whose organisation supports women with obstetric fistula (a sadly too common childbirth complication) in Eldoret, Kenya – financing the repair of their injuries,  funding and running re-training programmes, and enabling the women to lead independent lives.

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You can donate Precut stoma bags, Flange extenders,  Urostomy bags & much more.


Donate to our cause via JustGiving, BACS Transfer or simply volunteer your time.

Peer Support Groups

Support for stoma surgery, those who have stomas, or who are caring for someone with a stoma.

Meet the team behind our success

Gill Castle

Founder & Chair

Emma Phelan

Secretary & Fund Raising Coordinator

Kelly S

“Chameleon Buddies has helped me come to terms with my stoma. It has offered me a safe environment to discuss and come to terms with things with no judgement. The opportunity to talk to other people who have been through surgery means you never feel alone and know there is always to reach out if you’re in need”.

Marie Q

“Your help and guidance and support was invaluable when my late husband was facing his daunting stoma op. Your continuing charity work is inspirational”

Steve W

“It’s great to read about positivity with a stoma. It’s a pain, and it’s a worry, and nothing changes that. It gets people down, which is understandable. But it does not stop the majority of people getting a lot out of life. Positive role models like you really, really help. Keep telling your story!”

Dr Hillary Mabeya

“Thank you Chameleon, you and particularly Gill for your support with stoma bags and accessories to Gynocare Woman’s and Fistula Hospital Eldoret. We have managed to support poor women with colostomy who need stoma bags all the time. Your support has been immense and we thank you.”

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In order for us to keep doing our good work we rely on your support. Whether you can provide stoma supplies and accessories, donate to our cause via PayPal, JustGiving, BACS Transfer or simply volunteer your time. We truly appreciate anything you can spare. 

Chameleon Buddies

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Chameleon Buddies

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Chameleon Buddies

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We need help with itemising the stoma supplies, making the sanitary towels and running our fundraising events. Please email us if you think you can help.

What will your donation provide?

£5 will buy a stoma bag in Kenya
£8 will pay for a monthly support group in the UK
£25 will buy material to make sanitary towels for one woman
Chameleon Buddies

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Inspirational Charity Talk

Join international charity founder, Gill Castle, as she takes you through her journey from traumatic childbirth leading to a stoma, the founding of Chameleon Buddies and her record breaking English Channel Solo swim.

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